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Instacount®PLUS GO - LIVE

More Sydney hospitals implementing the software to improve asset management

Instacount®PLUS is a software solution that allows paperless closed-loop traceability of instruments - from repairs, maintenance, cleaning, sterilising to patient use. Instacount® helps hospitals improve asset management and supports compliance of sterilisation standards to achieve accreditation. The Australian Instacount® team has been extremely busy this year making sure that the implementation across the new sites (both the public and private sector) run smoothly. 

Expanding within South West Sydney Health District

We are very honoured to be chosen - by our long-term partner - the South West Sydney Local Health District to provide a surgical instrument tracking and asset management to support standards compliance.

Expanding across three additional (public) sites within the South West Sydney Local Health District- Campbelltown, Fairfield and Bowral has been one of the highlights this year. All sites will be utilising the system with full closed-loop traceability from CSSD, Endoscopy, Cath Lab, and Theatre. Delivery will be in two phases, stage 1- CSSD, and stage 2- Endo, Cath Lab and Theatre.

In addition to the existing Liverpool Hospital site, Instacount® will have a total of 4 sites, 4 databases, 87 processing workstations and 37 theatre workstations across this Local Health District. This rollout will span over 12 months and we have successfully been on track.

Team work assured smooth implementation

The SWSLHD project team has been comprehensive in their methodology, communication and support for the Instacount® roll out. The Campbelltown and Fairfield CSSD implementations, both were the smoothest and successful go-live the Instacount® team has ever experienced. The sites management and team have been a pleasure to work with. Their excitement in getting Instacount®, and their enthusiasm in utilising the system has made the journey very rewarding for all.