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Hip, Knee & Spine Surgery

We accompany you before, during and after your surgery

You need a hip or knee joint replacement or will soon undergo spinal surgery? This journey is all about helping you enjoy everyday activities and giving you greater freedom of movement. We support you with quality products for orthopaedic procedures and long-term clinical outcomes, to help restore your quality of life.

BPMpathway easy-to-use wearable sensor with app for knee and hip patients rehabilitation
Patient information for artificial hip or knee joint replacement
Patient information for spinal procedures
Knee implants with multilayer surface coating for allergic patients

Patient Information Card

Click here to order  your Patient Information Card and download instruction how to fill in your card.

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1. Reich J, Hovy L, Lindenmaier HL, Zeller R, Schwiesau J, Thomas P, Grupp TM. Preclinical evaluation of coated knee implants for allergic patients. Orthopäde. 2010 May;39(5):495-02. doi: 10.1007/s00132-009-1581-9.