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Technical Service by B. Braun

Maximize product availability with our global Technical Service

In times of change, economic and ecological sustainability are essential values of successful business partnerships. By facilitating the ideal lifetime and availability of our products, the quality of our B. Braun Technical Service makes a difference for worldwide health care standards every day.

  • Up to

    0 hours

    per day dialysis devices run to improve quality of life for treated patients. Failure is not an option.[1]

  • On average


    of surgical instruments are not fit for use in the OR.[2]

  • Expected


    lifetime for infusion pumps in well maintained state.[3]

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Securing product lifecycles

Our Technical Service teams help you to maintain your OR products to ensure a safe and sustainable long-time use.

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[1] Based on B. Braun data: Dialysis center operated in 3-shift model and average 4 hours therapy time per treatment.

[2] Based on B. Braun data: Result of 1,542,000 screened Aesculap® surgical instruments in 691 disciplines worldwide. 

[3] Based on the instructions for use of B. Braun infusion pumps, their components and accessories. Often, our infusion pump lifetime exceeds 10 years, and pumps are used for 20 years or even longer.