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Askina® Barrier Film Swabs are sterile and single packed.Thanks to the swab format the application is easy and can be done very precisely.

As the Askina® Barrier FilmSpray the swabs are a no sting and rapid drying and provide a breathable skin barrier designed for stoma and wound care use:

To prevent skin breakdown caused by friction or moisture

Protection of vulnerable areas: heels, elbows, toes, hips – from the first signs of reddening caused by friction
Protection of incontinent patients’ skin
To protect skin at risk from maceration and excoriation

Periwound skin
Peristomal area
Round fixation sites for drainage tubes and external catheters
To maintain the integrity of newly healed skin to stop secondary breakdown


Askina® Barrier Film Swabs are easy, sterile, precise and safe to use:

  • Completely sting free, can be used on damaged skin
  • Rapid drying < 30sec
  • Transparent: allows skin control
  • Offers 3 days protection
  • Easy to remove
  • Improves the adhesiveness of dressings and fixation tapes
  • Does not reduce the effectiveness of incontinent pads
  • Does not interfere with the adhesiveness of stoma appliances

Patient's main benefit in stomacare:

Less pain during pouch removal

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