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Breathable skin barrier

Askina® Barrier Film is a rapid drying, transparent, breathable skin barrier used for the protection of intact or damaged skin from urine, faeces, tape trauma and friction. It is completely sting free.


  • Rapid drying in < 30s
  • Transparent: allows visual control
  • Cost effective: offers 3 days protection
  • Easy to remove
  • Improves the adhesiveness of dressings and fixation tapes
  • Does not interfere with the adhesiveness of stoma appliances


  • Can be used on intact or damaged skin
  • Prevention against skin breakdown caused by friction or moisture
  • Protection of the skin at risk from maceration and excoriation
  • Protection of newlyformed skin against secondary breakdown

Acts as a protective barrier:

  • Against irritation from bodily fluids
  • For sensitive and fragile skin
  • Under adhesive dressings to reduce disruption to newly healing tissue
  • For damaged skin
  • For skin tears
  • To protect periwound and peristomal areas
  • For small cuts and tears
  • At fixation sites for drainage tubes and external catheters.

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