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Aesculap Warranty

Aesculap warrants to the original purchaser of its Products that each standard Product bearing the Aesculap name is free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period as outlined from the time of its original delivery (defined by the date of the invoice) for its intended surgical purpose.

Warranty Conditions and Exclusions

All warranties exclude periodic maintenance and repair or replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear, unless otherwise noted. All warranties for Products not listed shall expire as of the Product sterilisation/expiration date, or if none, one (1) year after the date of shipment of the Product by Aesculap.

If during the period of Warranty the Product proves defective due to improper materials or workmanship, Aesculap will, without charge for labour or parts, repair or replace the Product or its defective parts, at Aesculap’s option, upon the terms and conditions of the Aesculap Warranty.

These Warranties shall not apply if:

i. Any repairs, adaptations, adjustments, alterations, other work that has been performed on a Product by Buyer or other persons other than work performed with Aesculap’s written authorisation and according to approved procedures; or

ii. The alleged condition of defect is a result of abuse, negligence or misuse including but not limited to (a) forcible damage or over using, (b) failure to use the Product in accordance with Aesculap’s instructions for use or if a Product is used for a purpose not indicated in its labelling or instruction manual, (c) corrosion by chemicals such as, eg. saline solution, during use, (d) improper care and maintenance such as, eg. using unsuitable disinfectant and cleaning agents, unsuitable disinfectant and cleansing metal, unsuitable care materials, unsatisfactory water quality and/or sterilisation conditions, (e) installation or using the Product in a manner inconsistent with the terms or safety standards required under applicable law, (f) improper or incorrect installation of software, the type or serial number on the Product has been read, deleted, removed or made illegible; or

iii. Product or component there of is modified or customised at Buyer’s request.


Specific Product Warranties 

Surgical Instruments Lifetime*
Tungsten Carbide Inserts in DUROGRIP TC-Needleholders 3 years 
Dissecting Forceps and DUROTIP TC-Scissors on wear and tear3 years
Sterile Containers and Trays (excluding accessories)Lifetime*
Sterile Container Lid Gaskets 3 years
Motor Systems and Components 1 year 
Endoscopic Handheld Instruments 1 year 
Cameras (single chip and three chip) 1 year 
Lightsource units, excluding lamps1 year 
Video monitors, Video recorders, Video printers 1 year 
Endoscopes 1 year 
HF-Surgical Units and HF-Reusable Accessories (handles, neutral electrodes, etc.) 1 year 
Fibre Optic Cables, all video accessory cables 90 days 

* Mimimum 10 years - for material and craftsmanship, exclusive of normal wear and tear.