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Reducing Risks of Misconnections in Regional Anesthesia

The universally compatible Luer connector has been identified as a key element in ‘wrong route’ medication errors. Luer connectors are widely used for delivery of infusions. Literature shows that any patient having multiple access systems in place are exposed to higher risks of misconnections.1

User benefits of NRFit®

  • Dedicated connectors intended to help reduce the risks of misconnections
  • Yellow color coding where feasible allows faster identification of Regional Anaesthesia devices

International design standards

Medical device connectors for Neuraxial & Regional Anesthesia applications are changing to meet international design standards.

The increasing sensitivity to medication errors in clinical settings is visible in an increasing number of publications on this subject in PubMed between 2000 and 2014 (Fig. 1).

Enhancing patient safety with NRFit®

To reduce the risk of wrong route medication errors the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has developed standards for small-bore connectors, one being in the field of Neuraxial and Regional Anaesthesia (ISO 80369-6). The name that will be used to identify devices that comply with the ISO 80369-6 standard is NRFit®

ISO Standard

ISO 80369-6 in detail

The ISO Standard ‘specifies requirements for smallbore connectors intended to be used for connections in Neuraxial applications. Neuraxial applications involve the use of medical devices intended to administer medications to neuraxial sites, wound infiltration anesthesia delivery, and other Regional Anaesthesia procedures or to monitor or remove cerebro spinal fluid for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes.‘

Australia and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists advice on connectors for neuraxial applications.

B. Braun products with NRFit® connector


In line with the ISO Standard for Neuraxial and Regional Anaesthesia devices, B. Braun has developed a comprehensive portfolio with NRFit® connectors for the corresponding process steps

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