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Drug preparation is an irreplaceable part of hospital practices and carries major risks which are often underestimated.

Not only the reason for a patient’s hospitalisation is a concern, they also face risks of microbiological contamination, medication error or DEHP exposure 5-7 during the length of their stay. Additionally, healthcare workers are also confronted with risks, such as chemical contamination1-3 and sharps injuries.4 Literature demonstrates that these risks not only lead to health consequences 1-4, they might also burden hospital expenditures. Understanding these risks, B. Braun developed Ecoflac® Drug Admixture System which supports needle-free handling8, minimises number of steps9 and reduces hospital waste10.  

Today we ask:  Why Not Reduce The Risks?

Why Not?

Ecoflac® plus

Ecoflac® plus is a self collapsing IV container that is PVC/DEHP free and compatible with a variety of needle-free admixture devices. The Ecoflac® Plus container is available in a number of sizes: 1000 mL, 500 mL, 250 ml, 100 mL and 50 mL.

Ecoflac® plus combines the benefits of a bag and those of a bottle in an easy to handle container. This offers a clear label for reading and there is no need to vent during use.

Ecoflac® Mix

Ecoflac® Mix is a transfer cap for admixing pharmaceuticals between Ecoflac® plus containers and standard size medication vials. It provides a stable connection between the container and the vial.

Ecoflac® Drug Admixture System

Ecoflac® Drug Admixture System with Ecoflac® Plus and Ecoflac® Mix

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Order Sample Kit

Ecoflac® Drug Admixture System with Ecoflac® Plus and Ecoflac® Mix

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Handling Instructions

Description Document Link
E0827 Ecoflac Mix - Drug Reconstitution.pdf See how Ecoflac plus IV container system along with the Ecoflac Mix transfer cap completes the preparation process in a few simple steps
pdf (3.3 MB)
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10.PVC-free Ecoflac® plus is 100% recyclable, containers have no outer packaging so they produce a lower amount of waste. Data on file.