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Automated infusion pumps - a milestone in infusion therapy

The selection of this infusion system starts your journey into a new era of advanced digital medication management.

IP44 moisture protection

B. Braun’s pump is equipped with IP44 moisture protection against splashing water from any direction. This high standard can reduce lifetime costs and simplifies disinfection and cleaning.


Therapies and disposables

A wide range of dedicated disposables covers the full array of therapies (standard, light-protected, transfusion, pain and antibiotic) plus closed systems for oncology and options for enteral nutrition.



Helps in the area of regional anaesthesia to minimise risks of misconnections between neuraxial and intravenous application. Guidance by connector design and color coding.



Helps in the area of enteral feeding to minimise risks of misconnections. Guidance by connector design and color coding.

SafeSet - AirStop

SafeSet - AirStop

The filter membrane at the bottom of the drip chamber helps minimise air from the container from entering the connection line.

Light protected

Light protected

Dedicated IV administration set for light sensitive drugs.  Early detection of air bubbles and particles is also supported

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