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Aesculap® Technical Services working together with you for the best services to be provided. 

Aesculap warrants to the original purchaser of its Products that each standard Product bearing the Aesculap name is free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period as outlined from the time of its original delivery (defined by the date of the invoice) for its intended surgical purpose.

Specific Product Warranties 

* Mimimum 10 years - for material and craftsmanship, exclusive of normal wear and tear. 
Surgical Instruments Lifetime*
Tungsten Carbide Inserts in DUROGRIP TC-Needleholders 3 years
Dissecting Forceps and DUROTIP TC-Scissors on wear and tear3 years
Sterile Containers and Trays (excluding accessories)Lifetime*
Sterile Container Lid Gaskets 3 years
Motor Systems and Components 1 year 
Endoscopic Handheld Instruments 1 year
Cameras (single chip and three chip) 1 year
Lightsource units, excluding lamps1 year
Video monitors, Video recorders, Video printers 1 year
Endoscopes 1 year
HF-Surgical Units and HF-Reusable Accessories (handles, neutral electrodes, etc.) 1 year
Fibre Optic Cables, all video accessory cables90 days