Male catheterisation

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Today, men who suffer from urinary disorders and who need to make use of urinary catheters look for discreet, simple and ready to use products fully adapted with their daily activities. Our Actreen® Hi-Lite range has been fully designed in order to contribute to making your life easier anywhere at anytime.

Male catheterisation


  • Before starting your urinary catheterisation, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Position yourself comfortably, either by stretching out your legs, being in a sitting position or in a standing position.
  • Clean your intimate area with water and an adapted washing product.
  • After pulling back of the foreskin, clean each side of the glans. 


  • With one hand, hold the penis upwards in order to reduce the curvature of the urethra.
  • With the other hand, gently insert the catheter into the urethra until the urine begins to flow.
  • If you are using a Tiemann catheter, refer to the mark on the connector and hold it in a vertical position, mark on the top.
  • Let the urine drain until complete evacuation.
  • When the urine flow stops, press down on the lower abdomen to ensure complete drainage.
  • Then gently remove the catheter.
  • Discard your set or cath in accordance with the regulations in force.
  •  Wash your hands thoroughly. 


  • Before opening, please check if the product is intact and make sure the lubricant is evenly spread over the catheter by rubbing the catheter over the packaging. 
  • For safety and hygienic reasons, we advise you to use the product in shortest possible time after opening


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Cath or set

For indoor catheterisation, we recommend to use our Actreen® Hi-Lite Cath ready-to-use catheter which has been designed to be used in aseptic conditions by removing the catheter from its packaging by the connector. By having a unique connector shape, it allows easy handling during use thanks to the no touch system which is integrated into the catheter.

To maintain your daily outdoor activities, the Actreen® Hi-Lite Set could be the most appropriate catheter. Thanks to it's design and the integrated urine bag present on the catheter, you'll be able to proceed with catheterisation at anytime without making use of toilets. Also, with an anti-reflux valve integrated into the bag, it avoids any leakages during storage and it can be emptied easily thanks to it's tear off corner. (3)

The no touch system allows for safer catheterisation avoiding any contamination of the catheter.

Catheter tips


Known as a standard catheter, the Nelaton catheter has a soft rounded tip which provides great flexibility thanks to it's straight proximal end. The Nelaton catheter has two lateral eyes for drainage. (4)


The Tiemann catheter has a tip which is slightly curved and has up to three drainage eyes. Most of the time, this type of catheter is used by patients who have a narrow urethral path or prostatic obstruction. During catheterisation, the Tiemann catheter provides directional stability and allows easy insertion especially in obstructed areas. (4)

Catheter connectors and sizes

The colours of the catheter connectors are generally standardised and are related to the size of the catheter. The external diameter of an intermittent catheter is measured in Charrière scale (CH). According to the advice of your urologist, the catheter diameter will be chosen such as to be large enough to allow a complete drainage of urine without causing any damage to the urethra. Most of the time, the size of catheters which are dedicated to males use from size CH12 to CH14. Sometimes, larger sizes are used when strictures must be treated.(4)  The Actreen® male catheters are available from CH8 to CH18. Their universal connectors fit to all types of urine bags. 

The common benefits of Actreen® catheters and sets are:

  • Pre-lubricated with hydrophilic lubricant
  • Ready-to-use catheter, no water needed
  • Absence of PVC, latex and DEHP in the composition of the catheters
  • The lightest product on the market 5

And what you also should know:

After an in vitro comparative study which has been performed by an external expert, the results have shown that Actreen® catheters do not have any effect on sperm mobility and motion(1). Also, after an immersion in synthetic urine, our Actreen® catheters do not present any visually detectable particules in suspension(2).


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