Contiplex® S Ultra 360

Sets for continuous peripheral nerve blocks (cPNB)

For continuous peripheral nerve blocks (cPNB) performed under ultrasound and nerve stimulation (dual guidance).

Catheter-through-needle system

  • Catheter placement system with threading assist guide
  • Side port valve technique for simultaneous injection and aspiration  

Contiplex® S Ultra 360® cannula

  • Safety code for identification of the needle and needle tip position
  • 360° X-pattern results in better ultrasound visualisation and tip identification compared to previous designs
  • 20° facet bevel, together with a high quality coating enables smooth gliding through tissue  

Contiplex® ONE catheter

  • Visible under ultrasound  

Perifix® catheter connector

  • "Click and ready" system  

Perifix® filter 0.2 µm

  • High pressure resistance up to 7 bar for enhanced safety  

Perifix® PinPad®

  • Fixation on patient with self-adhesive PinPad for comfort and flexibility  

Further set components

  • Omnifix®  syringe, 5 ml for priming and aspiration - Side Port Valve
  • Catheter labels (Nerve Block)  

Paediatric Use

  • The device can be used for all patients in need for anaesthesia or pain therapy by plexus or peripheral nerve blocks. No gender or age related limitations. Peripheral nerve block needles and catheters can be used for adults, paediatrics and neonates.