Contiplex® C NRFit®

Echogenic, stimulating catheter-over-needle system for continuous peripheral nerve blocks (cPNB)

Regional Anaesthesia products with NRFit® connector, in line with the ISO Standard 80369-6.

For continuous peripheral nerve blocks (cPNB) performed under ultrasound and nerve stimulation (dual guidance).

Catheter-over-needle system

  • Patented catheter-placement system

As Simple as a Single Shot with the Power of a Catheter

  • Less complexity: catheter placement in one step
  • Less trauma1 : More patient comfort with G25 puncture cannula
  • Less dislodgement: higher holding forces

Contiplex C NrFit needle

  • Fully coated 15° or 30° facet bevel
  • Integrated injection tubing

Perifix® catheter connector NRFit® 

  • "Click and ready" system

Perifix® filter 0.2 µm NRFit® 

  • High pressure resistance up to 7 bar for enhanced safety

Perifix® PinPad®

  • Fixation on patient with self-adhesive PinPad for comfort and flexibility

Paediatric Use

  • The device can be used for all patients in need for anaesthesia or pain therapy by plexus or peripheral nerve blocks. No gender or age related limitations. Peripheral nerve block needles and catheters can be used for adults, paediatrics and neonates.