The new sterile container system

The supply of sterile instruments is a key priority as well as a vulnerable and sensitive field in hospitals. Therefore a maximum of hygiene, precision, and reliability is necessary.
Sets new standards of quality in the sterile preparation of medical instruments with dependable safety and convenient handling. Enables to standardize, control and document the entire cycle of supply and disposal of sterile materials as well as sterile storage, sterile transport, easy delivery to the OR and safe removal.


Aesculap wins iF DESIGN AWARD with AESCULAP Aicon®

Aesculap received together with its partner, the design agency Design3, an iF DESIGN AWARD 2021.
The winning product, the AESCULAP Aicon® container system, won in the Product discipline, in the Health/Medical category. 

Challenges when using soft wrapping

If wraps are damaged by the instruments or trays they are holding, the sterilisation process needs to be repeated

 Damaged sterile packages or wet sets might cause operating room downtimes and time pressure. Increasing the number of sterile wrap layers does not seem to address the problem sufficiently. 

Highlight Features

Smart processes for central sterile service departments

What does smart mean? Smooth operation between central sterile service department (CSSD) and operating room (OR) and an intelligent, streamlined workflow with reduced processing times.