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Urine bag with needle-free sample port

The Urimed® SP is a urine collection bag with needle-free sample port for hospital use complying with ISO EN norm 8669-2.


  • Capacity of 2 L
  • Universal connector which can be connected to a male external catheter, Urimed® foley catheter, a urostomy pouch (e.g. Flexima® Uro) or an ISC catheter (e.g. Actreen®)
  • Needle free sampling port to eliminate risk of needle stick injuries
  • Anti reflux valve
  • Air filter for a complete filling of the bag and safety when pressure is applied
  • Clamp
  • 100 cm length tube with universal connector, non kinking and with large diameter for a better urine flow
  • Hygienic foldable cross outlet
  • Stopper designed to be easily managed with only one hand
  • Sterile
  • Contains DEHP, PVC
  • Available in boxes of 10 and 50 urine bags


Urine collection and sampling in hospitals.

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