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Optimising The Skin


The webinar focuses on addressing residual biofilm and implementing strategies to prevent biofilm reformation.
Fleur Trezise Nurse Practitioner Wound Management | Director - Wound Solutions Australia | RN, MN (NPWN), PGCert (Wound)

The Importance Of Debridement


This webinar highlights the importance of debriding, and address some of the key challenges faced by clinicians.
Alison Vallejo Registered Nurse | Post Graduate Diploma in Wound Management | Certificate in Wound Debridement techniques | Credentialed wound clinician | PhD | Blue Care | Total Wound Solutions

Cleansing The Wound - Wound Hygiene – An Antibiofilm Strategy


This webinar highlights the common barriers to healing, the challenges involved and the impact of COVID-19 on hard-to-heal wounds. It also focuses on empowering the patient self-care.
Terry Swanson Nurse practitioner Wound Management | RN, NPWM, PGCert (periop), CertWNDM, MNSc FAWMA, FMACNP

Getting Back To Basics On Wound Bed Preparation


This webinar is about Getting Back to Basics on wound bed preparation and is intended to re-educate clinicians on the use of Prontosan and demystify some of the myths that may exist.  The webinar addresses the key challenges faced by clinicians throughout the 4 steps of the wound hygiene pathway.
Dr Michelle Gibb PhD M Nsg Sci (NP) M Wound Care BN CF | Nurse Practitioner Wound Management | Founder & Director of Wound Specialist Services

Measuring The Health Outcomes Of ‘Wound Hygiene’ And Applying A Value-Based Health Approach


‘Defying hard-to-heal wounds with an early antibiofilm intervention strategy: wound hygiene’: the conclusion of the latest international consensus document.
Theresa “Terry” Swanson | Nurse Practitioner Wound Management | RN, NPWM, PGCert (Periop), CertWNDM, MHSc FAWMA, FMACNP | Australia