Focus on your performance! Let SAM handle the rest

Focus on your performance! Let SAM handle the rest

Focus on your performance! Let SAM handle the rest

Focus on your performance! Let SAM handle the rest

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Surgical Asset Management (SAM) Solutions

At B. Braun, we understand the daily challenges health care professionals faces to enhance operating room efficiency and safety in surgical care.
By the means of SAM Solutions, B. Braun, with more than 175 years of expertise in the field of instrument manufacture, 350 collaborative projects internationally performed since 2008 and active instrument management consulting in more than 35 countries, is dedicated to helping hospitals optimise their perioperative workflow.
In the face of increasing size and complexity of sterile goods supply our team of SAM experts has developed specialised tools, methodology of analysis and complete programs to identify potential areas of improvement and help health care systems to achieve clinical excellence with outstanding financial results.

Interested in learning more about SAM Solutions – the integrated, sterile goods management approach from the Aesculap® Experts for Surgical Asset Management?

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Your potential benefits of SAM Solutions


  • Improved instrument quality
  • Less errors in sterilisation process
  • Improved qualification of the employees in CSSD and OR


  • Defined and comprehensive sterilisation processes
  • Standardised processes in concordance with local, regional, international requirements (if applicable)
  • Reliability for employees and patients


  • Data used for further decision-making and overview of operative cost drivers
  • Effective use of personal resources and identification of cost saving potentials
  • Detailed implementation of the budget and specific use of instruments
  • Reduction of operational costs

Highlight Topics

Hospital Renovation and New Constructions

  • Have you ever thought: how many surgical instrument sets are needed for your new hospital project?
  • Which is the optimal instrument inventory for serving the volume of estimated future operations?
  • What should you consider to estimate your investment in instruments fleet for your healthcare facility?

CSSD & Externalization  Consulting

  • Have you ever thought about the different alternatives for supplying sterile goods in your healthcare institution?
  • Are you sure, that a centralized sterile good supply in your hospital is the right solution for you?
  • Do you know what kind of advantages will bring you an outsourcing of your CSSD?
Surgical Asset Management
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