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Patient Information Card

If you have undergone surgery to receive one of B. Braun’s implantable devices, then your physician will provide you with a patient information card. 

Patient Information Cards are important because they provide details on the implantable device that you have received. This information can help in times where there is an emergency situation, special care is required or if there is an incident regarding the device.

Please always keep the card is a safe place and carry it with you at all times. If you lose your card, please contact your healthcare provider to request a replacement card.

Filling in Patient Information Cards

The healthcare provider will complete the information required on the patient information.

For healthcare providers, please follow the link below to download instructions on how to complete patient information cards prior to giving this to the patient.

Patient Information Leaflet

If you are scheduled to undergo surgery to receive one of B. Braun’s implantable devices, then your physician will provide you with a patient information leaflet. 

Patient Information Leaflet provides you with details on the implantable device you are about to receive. It will inform you on things such as the materials contained within the product, the risks, undesirable effects and complications associated with the device, and what to do before and after you’ve received the device. This enables you to have an informed consent conversation with your health professional.

Ordering Patient Information Card and Leaflet

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Description Document Link
Patient Information Card How To Complete A Card
pdf (860.4 KB)
Patient Information Leaflet Your New Artificial Total Knee Joint
pdf (2.3 MB)