NEXADIA® monitor

Near real-time Session Viewer for smart hemodialysis treatment management 

NEXADIA® monitor is available in two variants:

  • NEXADIA® monitor Lite as unidirectional solution: Digital treatment protocol: Complete automatic treatment documentation of connected medical devices such as dialysis machines, scales, or analyzers. 
  • NEXADIA® monitor 2 as full bidirectional solution: Digital treatment protocol and automatic transfer of prescription parameters to Dialog machines. NEXADIA® monitor 2 is classified as medical device in most countries. 

NEXADIA® monitor is a fully specialized monitoring solution for nephrology and hemodialysis, providing a user-friendly comprehensive range of functionality for all patient care staff involved. 

Data generated by connected dialysis machines, analyzers and patient scales during the hemodialysis treatments is automatically transferred and saved to NEXADIA® monitor, visualizing health data for monitoring and allowing convenient editing and processing treatment data. 

Your Benefits:

  • Less administrative workload for clinical staff for more time with the patient through digitalization and automation of routine HD treatment tasks such as patient weight capturing, UF rate calculation, treatment protocol documentation, or reporting of clinical and reimbursement data for billing purposes. 
  • Modern working environment for nursing staff and physicians.
  • Increased process efficiency before, during and after dialysis treatments 
  • Significantly increase of data quality and quantity for each patient treatment for better informed medical decisions.
  • Reduced risk of adverse events caused by manual input errors for more patient safety.

Range of Application

Data acquisition from patient scales, dialysis machines and analyzers


Download of prescription data and UF values into the Dialog+ machine

Download of checklists, medication instructions and messages into the Dialog+ machine

Constant upload of treatment data and comments from machines to the workstation

Ongoing patient data monitoring during treatment

Automated documentation of treatment data

Input terminal for manual documentation

Upload of completed treatment documentation to the PDMS system (Nexadia Expert)

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