B. Braun bottle holder

Multifunctional bottle holder with adjustable screw clamp

B. Braun bottle holder:

  • Light and adjustable bottle holder
  • Compatible for 500ml and 1000ml bottles
  • Keyless lockable
  • Easy to install
  • Includes a sensor notch (consumption monitoring tool)
  • Holder housing, flap and bottle stand made of ABS 94-V0
  • Sliding lock made of ABS 94-V0, Pantone “Green C”

B. Braun screw clamp:

  • Screw clamp can easily be added
  • Can be turned clockwise to be clamped to horizontal as well as vertical objects
  • Quick release fastener simplifies attachment
  • Min./max. size of the pole: Min. 1cm / Max. 4cm
  • Clamp made of Delrin® 100P NC010
  • Clamp grip made of ABS 94-V0, Pantone “Green C”