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Annual Report 2022

Change and move ahead

2022 was characterized by disruption. The most dramatic impact being Russia‘s war against Ukraine. In addition, we experienced an energy crisis, inflation, and unreliable supply chains. This has, and will continue to pose major challenges to all of us. At B. Braun, we responded early and began consistently adapting our business models to this changing world, allowing us to drive strategic projects forward and continue our investments.

As a health care company, we are aware of our special responsibility—particularly now, when the challenges facing health care systems continue to mount. We are working hard to ensure supply availability to provide quality health care to more people around the world. 

B. Braun continued its growth path. In view of the volatile market environment, we are satisfied with a currency-adjusted increase in sales of 3.6 percent. Although we did not reach our strategic target corridor of 5 to 7 percent, we were able to continue our growth despite significant negative factors. In the Group currency, sales increased by 8.1 percent to € 8.5 billion (previous year: € 7.9 billion).

Our profit was burdened considerably by cost increases, especially for raw material, energy, and logistic costs, as well as one-time effects. Although we could not completely compensate for this impact, with global steps such as price increases and cost reductions, we successfully stabilized our profit.


 20212022Change in %
Sales (in € million)7,859.88,499.8+ 8.1
EBITDA (in € million)1,101.9997.2- 9.5
Profit before taxes (adjusted; in € million)408.6275.0- 32.7
Consolidated net income (adjusted; in € million)300.1211.7- 29.5
Employees (as of December 31)66,23465,055- 2.6

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