B. Braun Australia has been named a Great Place To Work®!
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B. Braun Australia has been named a Great Place To Work®!

B. Braun Australia provides nurturing environment where our employees feel valued and reach their full potential. We are proud to announce that our organisation has been named a great place to work. Being named a great place to work is even more significant considering the fact that it is based on the employee’s feedback.

Our Culture

B. Braun develops effective solutions and guiding standards for the healthcare system in a constructive dialogue with our customers and partners. This mission statement is our promise that we wouldn’t be able to fulfil without our employees.

We treat all people with respect. This forms the foundation of how we conduct business. This is why we practice cooperation and open communication across all levels in the company, as well as with our customers, business partners and the public. 

We recognise the dedication and hard work of our employees and no effort passes unnoticed. B. Braun has integrated and balanced strategy in place to encourage and support employee development. We reward the work of our employees, support their career path with a wide range of training and contination professional development opportunities. Furthermore, we promote collaboration and rotation across all of our local operations.

Our Commitment

„We are absolutely thrilled to be officially certified as a Great Place to Work in Australia and New Zealand. Much time and effort in creating change has been our number one priority. The feedback from our team members has been the foundation for us in developing tailored programs and practices which pave the way for our people to be empowered and be themselves. With the foundation of our culture being built on trust, transparency and diversity, we continuously review our programs to bring out the best in our people today, and everyday. “

– Louise Busuttil, Senior HR Manager

The certification is also furthering our commitment to creating a culture focused on our people. As a family company - the family values have always been strongly embedded into our culture. 

We recognise that our employees have other obligations besides work, so it is important they find balance juggling all the responsibilities, hence we introduced flexible working arrangements, where our team can choose to work remotely on certain days.

We are proud of our diverse culture, people coming from different background, with different backgrounds, views and experiences, our organisation is enriched by our people. Everyone is respected and can feel safe to be their authentic selves at work.


What Our People Say

„I could list so many reasons why I feel B. Braun is a great place to work and that in itself is testament to the Company that I have come to know and love. Not just because the company has the “patient” at the heart of their decisions and actions. B. Braun also have their employees at the heart of their decisions. We count, we are not just a number and we matter. B. Braun are kind, caring, supportive and encouraging, which in turn makes us, as employees better people.“

– Current Employee

„You see, I walk into the office (pre Covid) and I am known by my name by everyone, there is a sense of community, a belonging that I have not found elsewhere, not just in my immediate team but across all channels of the business, it is a rare find, a gem you might say."“

– Current Employee

„When employees are encouraged to understand their patients and their customer needs, our goals are aligned. We are inspired at B. Braun to do our best to help patients and our customers, which in turn gives us a united purpose, this is the key to growing a strong, sustainable and all-encompassing workplace culture which I wholeheartedly believe we have.“

– Current Employee

„B. Braun culture is very supportive, encouraging towards personal and professional development, they promote a healthy environment where everyone feels empowered, safe, heard, and equal, there is always something fun going or inattentive supporting great charitable causes, all these makes B. Braun a great place to work.“

– Current Employee

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