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  • DEHP In Medical Devices

    Everyone is exposed to small levels of DEHP in day to day life. However, some individuals can be exposed to high levels of DEHP through certain medical procedures. DEHP can leach out of plastic medical devices into solutions that come in contact with the plastic.

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  • How To Convert Hospital to NRFit® And Prevent Wrong Route Errors

    B. Braun has been actively working with the various committees and organisations involved with this initiative in an effort to stay informed and help organisations transition to products with NRFit connectors. B. Braun offers comprehensive logistical and educational support throughout the entire implementation process.

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  • New B. Braun Haemodialysis Centres Open in New South Wales and Queensland

    B. Braun, one of the world's leading providers of medical devices, dialysis products and renal care services has opened two new haemodialysis centres. The new facilities located in New South Wales and Queensland are the latest additions to over 350 B. Braun renal care clinics caring for almost 30,000 patients around the world.

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