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  • The latest in-vitro evidence of Prontosan®

    Professor Adam Junka from Wroclaw Medical University, Poland presents a video on past and new in-vitro studies he has conducted on Prontosan®. The results of the in-vitro evidence show high antibiofilm activity of polyhexanide based antiseptics and lack or weak antibiofilm activity of hypochlorite-based antiseptic of total chlorine content equal to 80 parts per million.

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  • 25 years of Ecoflac® plus

    Recyclable, transparent and unbreakable - Ecoflac plus celebrates its 25th anniversary. The first (bag) bottle rolled off B. Braun’s plant a production line in Melsungen in 1997. At that time, it was one of the most innovative infusion solution containers in medical technology.

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  • DEHP In Medical Devices

    Everyone is exposed to small levels of DEHP in day to day life. However, some individuals can be exposed to high levels of DEHP through certain medical procedures. DEHP can leach out of plastic medical devices into solutions that come in contact with the plastic.

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