Granulating to Epithelialising wounds

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Granulating to Epithelialising wounds

Level of exudate: low

The wound is pale pink, with a newly formed, fragile, epithelialising tissue.

Therapeutic objectives

Remaining exudate absorbtion

Encourage epithelialisation

Procedures / actions Wound cleansing
Protect newly formed tissue and surrounding skin
Wound cleansing and wound bed preparation Prontosan® Wound Irrigation Solution
Prontosan® Wound Gel Prontosan® Wound Gel X
Primary wound dressing

Askina® SilNet

Askina® DresSil/Askina® DresSil Border/Askina® DresSil Sacrum/Askina® DresSil Heel

Askina® Foam

Askina® Transorbent

Secondary wound dressing  Bandage, tape
Dressing Replacement frequency Every 3 to 5 days