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WE care for your INSTRUMENT MANAGEMENT, so that YOU can focus on your Core Business.

Expert SAM Consultants advise based on official regulations, international standards and industry best practices in order to improve the various aspects and overall life cycle of surgical instruments as it pertains to operating room and central sterilisation utilisation. Our experts identify the root cause of issues, analyse the different alternatives and assist the customer with hands-on implementation of customised solutions

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Reprocessing practices are not up-to-date

Did you know that poor handling practices in sterilisation plant could lead to SSI increase? [1]

Care & Maintenance Training

Professional staff education program within the field of instrument management, based on red book and best practices of the industry.

For the purpose of ensuring an efficient and reliable daily workflow in your CSSD, a SAM Consultant carries out a training on site. This training may include:

  • Origin of instrument issues (Superficial changes, corrosion)
  • Instrument evaluation
  • Function checks
  • Lubrication of instruments

By the training you and your staff will acquire practical and theoretical knowledge regarding the right treatment for instrument in reprocessing cycle.

Surgical Asset Management
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[1] Dancer SJ, Stewart M, Coulombe C, Gregori A, Virdi M. J Hosp Infect. 2012 Aug;81(4):231-8.