We understand the gravity of the situation

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Your life has been turned upside down, we want to offer you support!

The former head of the ASBH (Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Working Group) Ms Schlegel, who devoted herself to the lives of her members, once told us that hydrocephalus turns patients’ lives upside down. 
So we wanted to know more. To understand in more detail how people deal with hydrocephalus in their everyday life, what challenges a patient, their relatives, doctors and nursing staff can expect. We believe that “people who better understand can also help better”.

We understand the gravity of the situation

Christoph, CEO Christoph Miethke GmbH & Co. KG Germany; Ben, Product Manager B. Braun UK; Julia, Hydrocephalus Patient Germany; Moses, Product Manager B. Braun China; Odra, Product Manager Aesculap Inc. USA

We call ourselves the MIETHKE family. We are made up of staff from MIETHKE and B. Braun Aesculap who are passionate about developing and sharing technologies that will help hydrocephalus patients all across the world to live a life as normal as possible. Once a year, the family meets in Potsdam to exchange experiences, to learn from users and patients, to discuss new ideas and, of course, to celebrate. And we have every reason to do so, because our ideas and the products that result from them are helping more and more patients (worldwide).
Our steady growth is not the result of calculating strategic planning. It is based on our closeness to our customers and patients, respect for their concerns and special requirements and a deep, emotional commitment to developing the right products for them.
We want our work to offer patients more stability in their lives. What started off as an idea quickly became a passion that led to the creation of “We understand”.
We want to use this campaign to show our solidarity with patients who, despite the numerous obstacles in their life, find a way to defy their symptoms and with the doctors and nurses treating them who take great care of their patients and always try to find the best possible treatment solution. 

"This is the first time in a long time that I can walk again!"

We strive to understand both the significant challenges faced by the surgeon as well as the serious needs of the Hydrocephalus patient. It is with this understanding that we develop and produce Gravitational valves which substantially improve the quality of patient‘s lives.

We understand your needs.
Our Gravitational shunt systems are based on your needs and our innovations and they are produced according to the highest technical standards.

We understand your patients.
Patients with hydrocephalus want to live a normal life.

We understand gravity.
The best therapy works in every body position.

The Gravity
"There is so much to discover in life."

Gravity – the force that attracts a body towards the centre of the earth.
Gravity – a serious situation or problem.
Gravity – dignity or sobriety of bearing.

Our approach to improve technology and provide a better life for patients is the result of an innovative and systematic professional analysis of technological options. As a result, MIETHKE Gravitational valves lower the risk of complications for patients with Hydrocephalus.

Of the Situation
"The SVASONA study is a great study yielding very good evidence for gravitational valves!"

Every surgeon and every patient has different demands, different challenges and different perspectives.
With our products and performance we reconcile every perspective.
Confidence as well as competence are represented powerfully and authentically.

We understand Campaign Visual – Making of

Hydrocephalus is a very complex disease that turns patients' lives upside down. With the visual, which Julia, a patient, also belongs to, we want to express our solidarity with the patients: “Your life is upside down, but you’re not alone. You can rely on the knowledge, understanding and support of others. For you we will change our perspectives and don't remain with the usual. WE UNDERSTAND shunt technology and together we create new innovations for the best of the patients.”

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Description Document Link
https://hydrocephalus.org.au/ Australian based patient organization for hydrocephalus
www.asbh.de German patient organization for spina bifida & hydrocephalus
www.shinecharity.org.uk UK based patient organization for spina bifida & hydrocephalus
www.hydroassoc.org US based patient organization for hydrocephalus
www.nhfonline.org US based patient organization for hydrocephalus
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