Infusion Therapy Promotes improvement of illness and recovery

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Fluids that sustain life

The field of infusion therapy involves the treatment of a patient with solutions given intravenously in order to promote a patient’s recovery or improvement of his or her illness. Depending on the underlying illness, the solution may contain an appropriate active pharmaceutical ingredient; or treatment may involve the infusion of larger volumes of fluid and appropriate electrolytes to correct volume depletion caused by haemorrhage, dehydration or shock. Another example might be anti-infective therapy which involves the treatment of a patient suffering from an infection by infusing solutions containing antibiotics or antifungals.

Clinical processes in infusion therapy

To administer the correct treatment to the correct patient in the correct time and place and with the correct dose and volume, a number of different steps have to be taken consecutively. Often various healthcare professionals from different disciplines are involved and unique aspects of a therapy may require special attention and actions. In order to ensure optimum efficiency and safety during such a sequence of events, it has proven beneficial to take the entire process with all relevant steps into account. With regard to infusion therapy, the process steps are as follows:


For each patient, the prescribing clinician decides upon the appropriate treatment and medication and places the respective order.

B. Braun offers a broad range of prescription IV drugs and software solutions to facilitate prescription and ensure compatibility of medications and IV containers. Our medicinal products are presented in innovative containers that have also made us pioneers in semi-rigid containers and Ready-to-use drugs.

To deliver the medication, intravenous access to the patient has to be established. In most cases, this will be a peripheral IV catheter, but may also be a central line or an implanted port.

Over 50 years ago in 1962, B. Braun introduced the first one piece catheter – the “Braunula” - and since then we have continued to pioneer and innovate in the area of peripheral intravenous IV catheters. In 2001, we launched our first safety catheter, designed to prevent needle-stick injuries.

Today, we offer a comprehensive range of venous and arterial access catheters, for safe peripheral and central IV access.

Many IV drugs are not available as Ready-to-use, but require to be diluted, drawn into syringes or mixed prior to application.

B. Braun offers a broad portfolio of products to assist with the safe and effective preparation of intravenous solutions.

Administration of the medication to the patient requires the use of infusion systems which consist of different medical devices connected together in various configurations depending upon the therapy required for the particular patient. These configurations may be simple or relatively complex in nature. Before therapy can commence, the various components of the infusion system must be connected together, primed with fluid, and connected to the patient.

B. Braun is your partner in all modes of infusion therapy application. Whether the therapy requires a gravity fed, or volumetric or syringe pump infusion system, B.Braun has a comprehensive range of IV accessories which complement each other perfectly to provide safer and more effective treatment delivery.

Once a patient has completed their treatment in hospital, they may have to remain on some form of infusion therapy following discharge. Discharge management concepts provide optimum continuity of care from the hospital environment to community clinical services.

B. Braun with its comprehensive experience in all areas of healthcare from hospital to home settings is your perfect partner in the field of infusion therapy.