Communicating with ISC patients in COVID times

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B. Braun’s vision is to protect and improve the health of people around the world, never has this purpose been more important, as the world faces an unprecedented threat from COVID-19.

As a healthcare company, our top priority is the safety of the patient as well as our customers and employees. Medicine is more than a business. Anyone who commits themselves to healthcare accepts a special responsibility.

In the spirit of our own dedication to improving medical care we offer Healthcare Professionals our company's commitment to "Sharing Expertise".

Steps of communication

Steps of communication with your Patient

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Assessment during first phone call – this gives you the opportunity to assess the patients knowledge and interest in learning the procedure.

The assessment should include past medical history, medication - particularly if any anticoagulants, any history of fainting (just so they can perform ISC in safe environment in case faints)

Send Information

Send samples and User Guide or video links.

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Choose the best form of communication

Second phone call to determine if patient is keen to try ISC. What is the best video communication?  

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Model demonstration

Use urinary care model and show exactly the procedure. 

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Patient tries at home

Have the patient try in the comfort of their own home. Have patient try procedure in the day time when you are available to discuss any problem.

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Follow up

Follow up phone call and discuss any issues.

Case studies

Case studies

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42 year old. Self isolating lived with vulnerable adult

  • Meatal Dilatation
  • Telephone appointment
  • Sent booklet and info/ dilators in 14ch and 16ch/ Gel
  • Arrange Teams meeting
  • Demonstrated on anatomical model
  • Patient went to try off camera
  • Got 14ch in titrating up to 16ch
  • Telephone follow up as required
Actreen ActGreen HCP convenience textimagelist

64 year old referred with incomplete emptying.

  • Recurrent UTI’s
  • Known high bladder neck
  • Telephone appointment. Counselled re ISC
  • Sent supplies – catheters/ plastic jug and information
  • Teams meeting
  • Demonstrated on model orientation of Tiemann etc.
  • Private void and ISC off camera
  • Diary voids and ISC
  • Telephone review

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