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Having a handicap means to be confronted by life in a way which is hard to understand for anybody who is not affected. Despite all the challenges, many of those bound to a wheelchair are able to lead an active life, and some even gather the strength to follow the dreams they have had before. They make the seemingly impossible not only seem possible, but make it come true.

Read stories about people who reach their goals – sometimes with a little help.

No mountain too high, no valley too steep

There is no way anyone could stop Eleonora Delnevo from following her passion – even though it cost her her ability to move her legs. Continuing her hobby with just the strength of her arms did not scare her away from climbing. Read how friends and fundraising helped the zealous climber to reach her goal.

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Sonja Häsler in Peru.JPG

Discover the world

If destiny strikes twice, you need twice as much strength and courage to get up again. Sonja Häsler did exactly that – as a born fighter, she got back on track. Now she travels the world to make sure people in wheelchairs can go on holiday without being compromised.

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Targeting the important things

One evening, sixteen-year-old David Drahonínský went to bed at his home in Prague – and woke up next morning in hospital. He had difficulty breathing, and couldn't speak or move his hands or feet. His doctors told him he'd been sleepwalking, had fallen from a third-floor window, and was paralyzed from the waist down.

David was confined to a wheelchair, and his life changed completely: no more football, no more hockey, no more taekwondo. But instead of giving up, he continued to work tirelessly at his studies, and discovered a passion for archery. Today he uses B. Braun products to help him with his often complicated life: his urologist has advised him to use Actreen® catheters.

David has regained his vitality, and provided impressive evidence of his determination by winning a gold medal in archery at the 2008 Paralympics in Beijing and a silver medal at the 2016 Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro. “I've learned that I can achieve great things,” he says. “But I have to make them happen myself.”