Female Catheterisation

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Small things can make a big difference 

Women live a busy life, so it's often the small things in their day that make a big difference.

The main objective of the Actreen® range is to make your life easier, everyday, everywhere. We offer you the freedom and peace of mind with the help of simple and convenient products.

Female catheterisation


  • Before starting your catheterisation, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Position yourself comfortably, by lying down or sitting with the legs well apart to allow easy access to the labia. 
  • Clean your intimate area with water and a suitable product, or with intimate wipes which  contain a washing solution.

The cleaning of the intimate part is always done from the front to the back in order to avoid any faecal contamination. 


  • With one hand, move apart the labia and with the other hand, insert gently the catheter in the urethra until the urine begins to flow.
  • Leave the catheter to drain until evacuation is complete.
  • When the urine stops draining, apply pressure on the lower abdomen to ensure that the bladder is completely emptied.
  • Remove gently the catheter.
  • At the end of your catheterisation, dispose your set or catheter as recommended by the regulations in place and wash your hands thoroughly.


  • Before opening, please check if the product is intact and make sure the lubricant is evenly spread over the catheter by rubbing the catheter over the packaging. 
  • For safety and hygienic reasons, we advise you to use the product in shortest possible time after opening


Make your choice

Being concerned about your comfort and well-being, we have developed a range of catheters and sets in order to suit your needs. Thanks to our Actreen® technology which has shown it's ability for more than 15 years, we provide a packaging technique which minimises risks of catheter contamination during handling as well as a specific connector design which provides an easy grip without touching the catheter(1)

Short or standard catheter

Depending on your specific needs and everyday activities, you can choose, with the help of your urologist, which type of catheter will suit you best in order to maintain a normal lifestyle.

Whether you are looking for discretion or ease-of-use, our Actreen® Mini range available in a 9cm length is fully designed to provide you optimal discretion thanks to it's feminine low profile packaging and discreet pouch. 

With the Actreen® Hi-Lite range available in a 20cm length, we intend to make your life more easier by providing a standard catheter which will allow you to catheterise yourself at any moment during the day.

Cath or set

Our Actreen® Mini Cath and Actreen® Hi-Lite Cath ranges are dedicated for indoor use and contain characteristics such as a universal connector which will allow you to grip and handle it easily during use and avoid any contact with toilets. 

Our Actreen® Mini Set and Actreen® Hi-Lite Set range have been developed in order to simplify your outdoor activities, so there is no need to find toilets to undergo your catheterisation. On both the Actreen® Mini Set and Actreen® Hi-Lite Set ranges, the catheter and the bag are sealed together and folded in a low profile shape for more discretion. Also, a graduated scale is integrated on the bags which will allow you to have an approximate measurement of your urine. Finally, thanks to the anti-reflux valve which is integrated in the bag, leakages are avoided during storage (2) .

A wide choice of sizes

The size of your catheter is measured in charriere (CH) and is represented in different colors. For female use, the sizes which are indicated by your urologist vary from CH06 to CH16. (4)

The different sizes available in our Actreen® range are:

  • Actreen® Mini Cath and Set: CH06 - CH16
  • Actreen® Hi-Lite Cath female: CH06 - CH16
  • Actreen® Hi-Lite Set: CH10 - CH18

And also good to know:

The common benefits of Actreen® catheters and sets are:

  • Pre-lubricated with hydrophilic lubricant
  • Ready to use catheter, no water needed
  • No traumatic eyes (3)
  • Made up of environmentally friendly material TPO (5)
  • Easy to carry thanks to their low profile and lightweight products



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