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The Renal Care Compass has been developed to support you in their everyday life. The diagnosis of having renal failure and undergoing dialysis treatment three to four times a week is not easy for many people. This is why we want to support you not only through our products but also by helping you in your everyday life.

The Renal Care Compass offers added value for you. The fitness area helps to choose exercises that are appropriate for dialysis patients.

The nutrition area allows you to see all important information about different foods. The food diary is another special feature helping you to monitor your daily nutritional intake. Likewise, you can show or send these values to your doctor or dietitian to provide him/her with important indications during therapy.



In order to support you in planning your holidays, the app offers the holiday dialysis area, where you can locate your present location or state your holiday location and find a renal care center close to your desired destination. You can contact the center directly and thus prepare the holiday dialysis in the best possible way.

To ensure that the patient is well informed about living with dialysis, the Renal Care Compass offers the category Informational material, where you can find brochures on renal care and the patient magazine. All information concerning dialysis and living with dialysis is collected here and therefore not only provides entertainment during dialysis but also support and information for everyday life.

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Velea Ioan

Velea Ioan, 33, quality technician supervisor, now retired. Mr. Ioan is a patient undergoing dialysis treatment at a B. Braun Renal Care Center in Timisoara, Romania. He is a man who cares about his nutrition and loves to cook and eat within the restrictions to his diet. Being retired has given him more time to take care of his health and lets him move more freely, even though he has to undergo regular dialysis treatments.

I have been doing dialysis for almost 6 years.

Good food is very important to me. At first I could not eat but following the dialysis treatment, I felt better, my appetite increased and I gained strength. Meanwhile, I have got used to the necessary food restrictions. 

The app is very helpful. I find the information about nutrition and general information materials to be extremely useful. 

I haven´t actually tried any of the recipes yet, but I think some look really interesting.

Sport is very welcome, especially because you feel the need to move in those long four-hour treatments; at home it is easier, you can move freely.

It was rather hard with the fluid intake at first, but over the years as a dialysis patient, I have developed small strategies to control the fluid quantity. For example, if I eat a clear soup I do not drink water or, in summer, I drink water that is as cold as possible.