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Since living with kidney disease does require you to pay close attention to your nutritional needs and numerous restrictions, you have probably experienced the challenge of being able to continue to enjoy cooking and eating. Nevertheless, good food and balanced nutrition are key elements of a healthy, high quality life. We have teamed up with the dietary specialist Dr. Ulrike von Herz and the top German chef Christoph Brand from the Fliegende Köche (Flying Cooks). Together, we have pooled our creativity and expertise to come up with imaginative recipes that are sure to whet your appetite once again. Have fun cooking and enjoy all of the recipes! Best wishes from the B. Braun Avitum AG Team.

Our top chef has plated the dishes shown in the photos masterfully to inspire you!


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Vegetable rice spring rolls on spinach
pdf (92.5 KB)
Grilled shrimp with dill dressing
pdf (274.5 KB)
Boiled beef with wasabi foam
pdf (260.5 KB)
Chicken sweet and sour
pdf (259.0 KB)
Greend curd cheese with hardboiled egg and jerky strips
pdf (274.7 KB)
Beef steak with fried onions and peppered sour cream
pdf (267.4 KB)
Curd cheese mousse with honey
pdf (218.6 KB)
Zucchini rolls Bolognese style
pdf (226.8 KB)
Pork tenderloin rolls on brie risotto
pdf (185.0 KB)
Pancakes with caramelized apples and pears
pdf (251.7 KB)
Salmon in a parmesan crust
pdf (252.4 KB)
Panna cotta with sweet blueberries
pdf (247.0 KB)
Poached ocean perch with caviar and horseradish cream
pdf (231.5 KB)
Genuine mozzarella with fennel, bread salad and basil pesto
pdf (262.8 KB)

Recipe compilation

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Recipe booklet
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