Help Julius the Koala Save Australian wildlife

Julius on a mission to help his friends

Julius is a bear with a mission. His mission is to spread fun, love, raise social awareness to the state of our wildlife. More importantly, Julius would like to generate financial support for WIRES and their registered carers. For the next year or so, Julius will be visiting Vet Clinics and Teaching institutions for selfies. For every scheduled clinic that takes a photo with him and tags us on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, and uses #juliusthekoala, we will donate $25.00 to WIRES.

It will be a busy year for Julius. We are helping him to get to all participating destinations across Australia. Thanks to our Partner Sendle, our precious Julius is travelling in style with his very own repurposed orange pelican suitcase. With GPS tracker sewn onto him, we can catch his journey in real time and track regular updates on Digital Matter platform. He also has a little recorded voice message in his foot. So make sure to press this little foot to hear his enthusiastic voice and hear about his mission.

Where is Julius?

Thanks to our partner and provider of the GPS tracker, Digital Matter, we are able to track Julius on his journey around Australia. So come back here to see where he is and how his charity drive is going.

The visualisation of his journey is being updated minimum one time per week.

Last updated on 7 July 2020 at 8 am Sydney local time.