Help Julius the Koala Save Australian wildlife

How to host Julius to support his mission

For participating clinics

1. Open the door to Julius when he arrives.

2. Take a picture with him and tag us on social media (Facebook, Instagram Linkedin) using #juliusthekoala. If your clinic doesn’t have a social media account, you can post it from a personal account just as long as we are tagged in the post along with the name of the clinic/organization.

3. Then, simply pack Julius back into his repurposed orange Pelican suitcase and drop us an email when he is ready to go.

4. We will email to you the next delivery address. On a con note, just insert this into the clear plastic sleeve and leave him at your reception. The Sendle courier will be on his way in no time. Here you can find things to keep in mind for pickup.

If Julius appears to be too comfortable at your work, please do not let him stay there for more than 2 days. Help him to pack his belongings and send him on his way to keep his mission alive.

We expect Julius to be on tour for nearly a year, sharing his mission of support for our wildlife, finally coming home in December for a much needed rest, and probably a dry clean. Julius is very popular and already has a long list of clinics that have registered to see him. If you are not sure how to help Julius on his mission, or have any other question, click here and let us know.

How to get involved? (for not participant)

For our charity campaign for Wires, Julius follows his pre-planned itinerary. Outside of the campaign, Julius would also like to visit other places in his spare time. Please get in touch with us and we will try to squeeze in your address into his busy schedule.

Terms & Conditions to make Julius's mission a smooth ride

B. Braun will donate AU $25.00 to WIRES for each correctly tagged photograph using #juliusthekoala. One donation per clinic, institution or wildlife organisation and the clinic name needs to be visible and appear somewhere in the photograph.

B. Braun VetCare was established within B. Braun Australia Pty Ltd with the purpose of providing high quality medical products and services to the veterinary profession and veterinary wholesalers in Australia and New Zealand. Our aim is to focus consistently on the specific needs of the veterinary community. As such, we work closely with our industry partners and customers in order to deliver solutions which fulfil these expectations.

B. Braun Group  provides healthcare professionals with the widest array of surgical instrumentation available from a single manufacturer and is committed to providing products and services that encompass the whole lifecycle of a surgical instrument. Our comprehensive and innovative range of quality products and services sets new standards in medical technology and establishes B. Braun as the competent partner to the veterinary healthcare industry.

All proceeds will be donated to WIRES (NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc.). WIRES is Australia's largest wildlife rescue organisation. WIRES has been rescuing and caring for wildlife for over 30 years and WIRES mission is to actively rehabilitate and preserve Australian wildlife and inspire others to do the same. WIRES is licenced to rescue and care for wildlife in NSW and we have over 2,500 volunteers in 28 branches. WIRES receive around 170,000 calls to their 1300 line annually, including thousands of interstate calls where they provide rescue advice. Annually WIRES assists tens of thousands of native animals and plays a major role in national community wildlife education. Normally WIRES has several hundred thousand unique visitors to their website, but in the first week of January 2020 they received well over a million unique visitors.

Once you tag us to the photo with Julius, you are consenting to the use of the photo and agree that in consideration of the donation made to the wildlife charity WIRES, you irrevocably consent to the use by the B. Braun Group of any photograph with you and Julius appearing together. You also confirm that you have obtained the irrevocable consent of all others appearing in the photographs. The consents shall be for the unrestricted right and permission to copyright and use, re-use, publish, and republish any photo of you, and all other persons with Julius and that such use may be intact or in part, whether in composite or distorted in character or form, without restriction as to changes or transformations in conjunction with my own or a fictitious name, or reproduction hereof in colour or otherwise.

You also agree that such photos may be used through any and all media including but not limited to, print publications, B. Braun Knowledge Centre, posters, online media and social media such as Facebook etc, and may be utilized whether now or hereafter known for illustration, art, promotion, advertising, trade, or any other purpose whatsoever.
You confirm that the consent given is given on behalf of yourself and all other persons appearing with Julius and that the consent is without any expectation of payment or royalties. You also acknowledge on behalf of all persons appearing in the photos with Julius that publication, once made cannot be retrieved. In particular, it is understood that publication on the internet means that the images/videos will be made accessible to a wider public and that any user or viewer is potentially able to use, or misuse, internet content as he or she sees fit without there being any means of controlling, restricting or preventing this.
All rights to photographs which include Julius are relinquished and you (and anyone else in the photo) will not be required to examine or approve the completed product or products or the advertising copy or printed matter that may be produced or used in conjunction with the photos or the use to which the photos may be applied.