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We live values

At B. Braun, acting in a sustainable way is no fad. As a corporate citizen, we have long been taking responsibility in an economical, ecological and social sense through our involvement in a wide range of projects and initiatives at all of our locations.

Not only is sustainability part of our company's values and therefore an essential component of our guiding principle "Sharing Expertise", but it is also a key success factor in B. Braun's 170-year history.

Employees at all B. Braun locations are committed to protecting the environment and conserving resources. B. Braun Melsungen AG introduced environmental management systems as early as the 1990s.

Social Responsibility
Sustainability also means creating perspectives for future generations. In its involvement with humanitarian organizations, B. Braun focuses on the most helpless in this world.

Rapid advances in the medical field pose new challenges for staff training and make continuing education indispensable. As a result, we have made career advancement and training a priority.

Art & Culture
B. Braun has long lived a commitment to and a debate with art. For example, we have been building up a collection of contemporary art since 1992 to support young international artists.

In the field of sports, B. Braun supports regional and national events and top athletes.